How To Successfully Sell Your Home (FSBO)

Dated: September 1 2020

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Getting your home in a sale-perfect shape is super easy!               

What other Realtors will never tell you


  • Get a home inspection. Identifying any major(or minor) issues about your house and handling them first hand is a great way to minimize any dilemma when a buyer decides to buy your house. Plus, making repairs helps with your home's value by making your home a turn-key property.
  • Clean your home. Or get them cleaned professionally. A little goes a long way, wiping down countertops, doorknobs, doors, shelves, cabinets, deep cleaning the carpet, or replacing missing lightbulbs are a great way to start when tidying up for your first Open House.
  • Take amazing photos. One of the best ways to make your home appeal to buyers is through beautiful pictures. Giving buyers a great first impression through crisp and clean photographs of your home will make the buyer want to take a tour of your home.
  • Get a termite inspection. Termite is a common problem in Southern California because we are right next to a large body of water, The Pacific Ocean. Obtaining a termite inspection is one way to find out if your home's structural component needs to be updated. Most buyers typically ask for them. Having this report on hand allows you to 
  • Curb appeal. Mow the lawn. fix any broken light fixtures or garden decoration. Remove all weed growing in the driveway. Power wash your frontage
  • Comparables. Create a data of properties that were active, expired & was sold within one to two miles from your house in the last 6-12 months. Find out the average days on the market of these properties and the average number of homes sold and price ranges to determine how you're going to price your home. Rule of thumb: Pricing the house fairly will mostly like create a bidding war rather than pricing them high. Or just ask me.


  • Spread the word. Create ad campaigns on social media platforms. Post your property on Craigslist, FSBO site, Zillow, and other real estate outlets. The internet is a great marketplace, take advantage of it!
  • Open Houses. Schedule a weekly Open House. Invite your neighbors, they usually have families looking for homes nearby. 
  • Make beautiful flyers. Create beautiful flyers to give out to friends, family, and acquaintances.
  • Details. Create a striking description about your home, highlighting upgrades, closest schools, malls, parks, etc.
  • For Sale Signs. Put up a big bright "For Sale" sign in your front yard and corners of your street. When doing an Open House place 15-20 signs starting from any major streets to direct larger traffic to your home.
  • Door Knock. Visit your neighbors and let them know you're selling! Letting your neighbors know that you're serious about selling your home by inviting them to your open house will likely get them to think of people they know who are looking to buy. (But of course, protect yourself by wear a mask & gloves and practice social distancing)
  • Website. Creating a single property website allows you to create a QR code, flyers, and brochures that you can distribute to the public. Plus, most websites allow you to create a video or 3D feature to maximize the marketability of your home.
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How To Successfully Sell Your Home (FSBO)

Getting your home in a sale-perfect shape is super easy!               What other Realtors will never tell youPreparationGet a home inspection. Identifying

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