Celebrating The First Day Of Summer And Father's Day This Weekend

Dated: June 20 2020

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We have a lot to celebrate this weekend, welcoming the first day of Summer & Day of Dads tomorrow!
How are you celebrating the weekend?
Warm days, blue skies, and fresh food from the garden are just around the corner. Here's to days of fun in the sun!

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    Keeping Your Home Cool in the Summer
    Tired of the summer heat? Or the high A/C bills that come with it?

    Here are some low-cost ways to keep your home cool and comfortable this season:
    • Keep your blinds and drapes drawn during the daytime. (Blackout curtains are best.)
    • Close off unused rooms to keep the cool air more concentrated.
    • Switch your ceiling fans to run counter-clockwise.
    • Swap out your incandescent light bulbs for CFLs. Incandescents emit heat and can make your home warmer.
    • Stick to grilling. Turning on the oven or stovetop can heat up your living areas.

    A smart thermostat can also help, allowing you to customize a cooling schedule that works for your budget.
    What Impacts Your Mortgage Rate?
    There are lots of factors that influence the mortgage rate you receive.

    Are you preparing to apply for a loan? Here's what will impact your rate:
    • Your credit score. The higher your credit score, the better your interest rate will be.
    • The amount of debt you have. Lenders want to know how much of your income you put toward debts each month.
    • Your down payment. Bigger down payments typically mean lower rates, while small down payments mean the opposite.

    Your loan program will also play a role. Some loans offer lower rates than others. VA loan rates (for veterans and military members) offer some of the lowest rates out there.

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